A SEEDLESS and GASLESS User Experience for Your Web3 Apps

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Non-custodial & Seamless User Onboarding Solution for Web2

The best way to manage users' keys

Seedless On-boarding User Experience

Gain peace of mind without using seed phrases, solving crypto adoption key challenges.

Gasless & Multi-Chain Support

Pay the gas with any token in any chain. Compatible with all fastest-growing EVM+ blockchains and dApps.

Non-custodial & Social Recovery

Take full control of wallet through on-chain email social recovery. A truly non-custodial, ERC-4337 compatible contract wallet.

GameFi Onboarding

Smooth user conversion

Easily login via email and password, no blockchain knowledge required

Gasless experience

The gaming services can pay the gas for players, or players can pay the gas with the game token

Support batch transactions

Packaged token transfer, NFT transfer, SWAP, contract call and other complex operations into one transaction

Social dApp Onboarding

Support multiple tokens & chains

Support ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens and connected to all integrated EVM compatible chains

Asset-independent permit

Authorize an asset-independent key to authenticate the user‘s frequent social operations

On-chain reputation system

Aggregate multi-chain‘s assets and identities to form a on-chain reputation system

Multi-chain support

More chains are coming soon

FAQ of UniPass

UniPass Wallet is a smart contract wallet solution with email-based social recovery. With UniPass Wallet, developers can provide a seedless and gasless user experience and onboard massive Web2 users seamlessly.

When the master key is compromised, users can submit account recovery emails to the smart contract on-chain through several Internet users as guardians to retrieve their accounts.

1. A seedless and non-custodial smart contract account
2. Easily set up your guardian address to retrieve your wallet without compromising its safety.
3. Users can access UniPass wallets through the web, mobile apps, and browser plug-in platforms.
4. Support the payment of fees with any token and is compatible with all mainstream EVM chains.

UniPass Wallet conforms to the familiar Web2 user experience based on a non-custodial & secure architecture. Users can enjoy rich and powerful smart contract account functions while fully controlling of their account.

Absolutely! UniPass will work with other ecological products and service providers to promote the popularization and construction of ERC-4337.

Since we have gotten rid of the fuss of mnemonics, you don't need to import or export it anymore. UniPass Wallet uses TSS based on multi-party computing for key management, there are no mnemonic or recovery phrases in the entire user process.